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Apr 19

Drop In – Wednesdays

By Richard Sarell | Acting Classes & Workshops

'Drop In' Wednesdays


Starts 21 Jun 2017


Ongoing Weekly


10am to 2pm


Richard Sarell

Variable Fee:

$25 per hr to participate in the class (for as long as your stay)

$20 to audit full length class

The ultimate ‘Drop-in Workshop”.
You can DROP-IN and do a scene or just DROP-IN and watch.

To work on your scene with another actor you pay $25 an hour. Just pay on the day.

Or to watch just pay $20 for as long as you like..

Email your plans to attend to

Glenn Quinn Mama Mia, Spamelot, Jersey Boys [lead]

I was able to quickly overcome my long held misconceptions about what acting is and was ushered into a place of freedom, spontaneity and freedom with the scene.

What will be covered in this course?

1) Supportive direction will give you the chance to achieve your goals

If you are working on a scene the direction will be tailored to your personal needs. You don’t need to have trained here – Richard will adapt the acting process to support you..

2) Learn the basics of this process and test them out

This is a great way to try out The Rehearsal Room acting process. You can discover whether this approach makes sense for you. Ask questions and try the techniques one step at a time.

3) Practice your established skills and develop new ones

If you are already familiar with these techniques then this is a simple way to expand them further. There is so much information available here that the learning is never ending. Actors just keep growing and growing.

4) Keep exercising your acting muscle

Many actors have noticed that if the training isn’t regular the skills do drop off. This is the perfect way to keep your skills strong and active.

5) Enjoy a relaxed social environment

Enjoy the convivial atmosphere of these classes while you continue to explore the wondrous world of acting. You can make these sessions as challenging or relaxing as you like.

6) Just keep on learning

Actors who keep returning to The Rehearsal Room just see there skills get better and better.


  • You have the foundations of The Rehearsal Room process in place and want to continue to build your skills
  • Or it is for you if you want to gain a basic understanding of this technique
  • You have an acting problem you want to fix
  • You are looking for a stimulating way of freshening up your weekly routine
  • Share your interest in actors with others of like mind


  • You will miss out on the fun
  • You could miss finding an acting buddy or a new friend
  • You may never know the way this approach could change your view of acting and increase your skills
  • You will miss sharing stimulating views on a topic you love
  • You will never find out how much your skill could grow from these powerful techniques


Richard finds every workshop provides the opportunity not only for actors to grow more but also for the collective understanding of technique to grow more. The exciting element of these classes is that they train actors to think in a productive way about the practicalities of acting. The discussions are stimulating, purposeful and highly productive. Richard is always on the look out for the new view that he will learn from the next class. Some thought you philosophize about today might well be an exciting basis for tomorrow’s class.

Richard often says, “I get out of bed each day excited by the prospect of an unexpected new discovery.”

Next Drop In - this Wednesday

Learn skills you will use throughout your career. Learn to be real, to be versatile, to be a great listener and to be skilled in auditions. The Advanced Workshop will make you the director’s best friend.

Jan 24


By Richard Sarell | Acting Classes & Workshops






Full Fee:


Wed 24 Jan – Sun 25 March
Wed 11 April – Sun 24 June

Wed evening 3 hours 
Sat 6 hours
Sun 6 hours
(over 20 weeks)

Wed 6.30pm to 9.30pm: Sat & Sun 10am - 5pm

Richard Sarell, Kyahl Anderson, Glenn Quinn



Learn an approach to acting that is so powerful and so practical that it will get you to a high professional standard FAST.  Drive your performance to exciting levels with techniques that remove the mysticism from the acting process.  Be empowered by techniques that give you total control to deliver outstanding performances.  Three teachers will push you to reach new levels.

What will be covered in this course?

1) Stretch your emotional range

Actors must be able to deliver powerfully engaging performances where the potent emotions are directly connected to the reality of the circumstances.  Powerful and appropriate emotional levels are the key to being real.

2) A totally professional skillset will be absorbed FAST

No other acting process explains so clearly and so concisely the key elements of performance skill.  That's why it can be learnt quickly and produce results at a high professional standard.  The focus will be intense because of the small group size (maximum 12).

3) Learn to grab a directors attention with a powerful set of techniques

The most important skill an actor needs is to stand out from the crowd.  That means being able to understand a director's needs but also importantly to be able to translate those requests into a performance.  These techniques equip the actor to do what few actors can achieve consistently.

4) Measure your own progress

You will learn to assess your progress yourself.  That puts you in charge of your learning and your career.  You will be able to identify issues and find solutions.  You will no longer have to rely on someone else's point of view.  You will have the skills to trust your own judgements. 

5) Be skilled at playing a lead role

Learn the skills of playing a lead role.  Every actor in the course will play a lead in a play.  Many courses have too many students to make this practical.  Actors can attend a 3-year degree course and never play a lead.  This course is different in many ways.

6) Be in charge of your career

You will have a clear understanding of how the industry works and how to position yourself in it.  You will practice techniques that are so logical and so practical that the mumbo-jumbo of many of the acting myths will no longer befuddle your mind.  You will be able to cope with difficult roles and be able to devise ways of preparing and performing the most challenging character's.

David Paterson Chopper, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Saving Mr. Banks, Frost Nixon

I have observed leading teacher directors in the US and UK and Richard shares with them that facility to guide actors through the guff to the heart of the scene.

Email or ring 0407 226 620​

Make an appointment to audition for a place

Auditions - 25 November 2017


  • You want to build your skills fast
  • You want to reach a better standard than you could achieve in a 3-year degree course in 6 months
  • You have completed a degree course in acting but are still confused about how to prepare for the job
  • You want to do a degree in acting but haven't yet managed to enrol in a course
  • You want to work in an environment where the standards are high but the highly skilled teaching is totally supportive


  • You wont understand how simple and powerful your performances can be
  • Under pressure of an audition you will rush to make ineffective choices
  • You wont be able to process director’s notes effectively
  • You will often be confused about direction and uncertain how to implement it
  • You wont be able to monitor the bad habits that have crept into your work since the last class
  • You wont be able to analyse your performance and fix problems or create new approaches to a challenging role


Richard is very excited about this course.  It is the culmination of thirty plus years of intense development.  The techniques that have been developed at The Rehearsal Room have now reached a critical mass where they are incredibly powerful, totally logical and produce wondrous performances fast.  Actors make impressive progress.  What is more they can see the clear development of their skills and they love the way the teaching focuses on resolving problems and clarifying their goals.  

He is also very proud that two Rehearsal Room actors are so skilled at these processes that they are now also excellent teachers.

KYAHL ANDERSON came to The Rehearsal Room in 2011 dissatisfied with the acting processes he had explored to this point.  From the beginning he was a standout student quickly acquiring a strong working knowledge and practical understanding of this process.  In a very short time he began to contribute to the development of the concepts.  Kyahl's directing skills have also blossomed and he is now regularly hired professionally as a director.  He has directed for the theatre, the opera and is also now a winner of a 'Best Director' award for the short film 'Degree of Separation'.  Kyahl is a skilled and natural teacher.

GLENN QUINN came to The Rehearsal Room in 2005 when he was in the ensemble of Mama Mia at Her Majesty's in Melbourne.  After a 3-year degree course Glenn still had many confusions about his craft.  He found the logic of The Rehearsal Room process really suited him and quickly became empowered by it.  With this toolbox his career continued to develop to the point where he played the lead role of Tommy De Vitas in Jersey Boys 300 times.  Everyone, from Broadway Producers to Australian audiences, who saw Glenn in that role agreed he was outstanding.  The skills that made him a great actor also make him a charismatic and inspiring teacher.

THIS COURSE STARTS - Wednesday 24th Jan 2018

Become great FAST.  Learn techniques that have the ability to lift your performance skills quickly to the highest of  professional levels.  No other process has this clarity and power.

Candice Leask Actor

The world is a great place when you get taught by someone who wants you to succeed not just as an actor, but in life. Always so grateful to know you Richard.