TV Presenting Workshop

By Richard Sarell | Intensives

May 05

TV Presenting Workshop





Full Fee:

T.B.A. - coming soon

29 hours over 6 weeks

2pm - 6pm

Richard Sarell


NOTE:  2 of the days may be full days + Final Review day               

Learn practical professional TV Presenting skills.  These very effective public speaking techniques have you relating to the camera in a charismatic way.  How to write good copy, co-present, conduct great interviews and manage autocue are all explored.  An engaging performance that charms your audience will become a habit.

You will get more from the first session than you normally get from a whole course on TV Presenting.

Professional performance skills will have you feeling at home on any style of shoot.

In the final session shoot your own story that includes co-presenting, two reporting pieces to camera,  an interview and a voice over.

What will be covered in this course?

1) Essential performance skills when working to a camera

It is important to be able to relate to the camera in a way that engages the audience - an essential starting point

2) Keeping an open and spotaneous approach to charm your audience

Often the techniques that are taught are artificial.  Here you will learn simple practical skills that utilize the strengths of your personality

3) How to cope with stresses and distractions so you stay relaxed and real

Managing nerves and understanding what generates them is a fast track to success.

4) Understanding the production process and how a presenter fits into it

You will be working with a director who has experience directing current affairs and documentary.  You will learn a professional approach to dealing with time constraints and other distractions.

5) Interviewing skills that give polished engaging results

Understanding the interviewers job is the key to doing engaging, spontaneous and entertaining interviews.  

6) Performing promos, coping with voice overs and autocue

Some specific areas require specific skills.  This course introduces a practical approach to these issues.

Adam Ford3 series of 'Tour the World' 

The thing that I like about The Rehearsal Room is that it gives you a process ... it gives you a formula that you can rely on.


  • You have always wanted to be a TV Presenter but didn't know where to start
  • You have already done a presenting course but feel you didn't learn clear techniques
  • You want to be able to speak comfortably in public but lack the confidence
  • You generally don't feel confident in groups and want to find a way of boosting your confidence
  • You have done a tertiary degree in journalism but don't feel comfortable in front of the camera
  • You believe you have the skills to be a presenter and want to learn more about how the industry works


  • you will always misunderstand the presenters job because you believe the myths
  • you will never find out how good you can be
  • you will remain confused about issues that should be really clear
  • you will make naive mistakes because you don't have a practical understanding
  • you will make the presenters job much harder than it really is


This course evolved because The Rehearsal Room acting process was so useful to Jules Lund in establishing a career as a TV Presenter at a very young age.  Jules did all the acting classes and then found it was those skills that quickly had him working on Channel 9's "Get Away".

On the basis of Jules success Richard decided to run this TV Presenters course and it was an instant success.  The techniques that presenters learn are an adaptation of the fundamental processes taught to actors at The Rehearsal Room.  They have all the same clear, practical, efficient and common sense qualities that produce performers who are in charge of their choices in a very professional way.

Many have found these techniques make them comfortable and proficient on a professional set because they totally understand the realities of the job.  The end result has been a professional career.

And everyone has found that they learn the skills quickly because it is such a practical and supportive learning environment.​

This video promotion was made for 2015 classes

Learn skills you will use throughout your career. 

THIS COURSE - Saturdays 12 May to
16 June 2018

(There IS a class on the Queen's Birthday Weekend)

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