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Off cuts 55
The DANIEL DAY-LEWIS discusses 'playing with the possibilities' and director Paul Thomas Anderson ... and more.


Off cuts 1
Notes from a session to discuss the 'pros and cons' of the Stanislavski process. The session was titled "Stanislavski or Not…" held at the Australian Screen Directors Association craft weekend in Melbourne in conjunction with the National Performers Conference

Off cuts 2
excerpt from an article on the Australian play "Cloudstreet"

Off cuts 3
An excerpt from an interview discussing "How Stanislavski's Method has survived the changing theatre culture?"

Off cuts 4
An excerpt from an interview with Polly Teale who directed The Shared Experience Theatre Company's production of "Jane Eyre".

Off cuts 5
Thoughts on acting on a conscious and unconscious level

Off cuts 6
excerpt of an interview with Sam Mendes from an article in the Murdoch publication "The Australian" on Saturday January 9th 2000

Off cuts 7
Thoughts from Barry Humphries

Off cuts 8
Ralph Fiennes as quoted in an interview by Shane Danielsen for "The Weekend Australian"

Off cuts 9
Interview with GILLIAN JONES conducted by Margaret Throsby on ABC FM Friday 20th June 2000

Off cuts 10
an interview with Nigel Farndale about William Hurt published in Good Weekend, The Age Magazine May 13th 2000

Off cuts 11
The monologue contradiction

Off cuts 12
Thoughts on "the now"

Off cuts 13
comments on Michael Parkinson's interview with Michael Caine in 2000

Off cuts 14
Serving the performance - acting and tennis

Off cuts 15
Bruce Willis on "Friends"

Off cuts 16
Bruce Willis on "Friends" - Observation No. II

Off cuts 17
Jack Nicklaus reflects on Tiger Woods - acting and golf

Off cuts 18
Thoughts on Radio excerpts of stage productions

Off cuts 19
Thoughts on the last episode of "Spin City"

Off cuts 20
Getting the balance of all the ingredients of a performance right - the similiarities between acting and dance

Off cuts 21
Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer

Off cuts 22
Greta Scacchi on working in different mediums

Off cuts 23
excerpts from an Antony Hopkins interview

Off cuts 24
Comments on an interview with Sir Nigel Hawthorne and Jane Horrocks with Michael Parkinson

Off cuts 25
How long does it take?

Off cuts 26
Frankie Armstrong singer, social worker and teacher of voice workshops was interviewed on Life Matters by Geraldine Doogue

Off cuts 27
Saturday 31st March 2001 on Andrew Ford's "Music Show" (Radio Natonal) two Canadian musicians, Jean Derome and Joane Hetu, were interviewed

Off cuts 28
Notes on an interview with JOHN STANTON conducted by Margaret Throsby on ABC FM Monday 21st May 2001

Off cuts 29
Surprises: Value of a Good Pair of Underwear

Off cuts 30
THOMAS HOLESGROVE was interviewed by The Australian Magazine (June 9 - 10, 2001) about doing what Los Angeles actors call 'suit acting'

Off cuts 31
The Age in Melbourne on July 14th 2001 published an article by Arthur Miller, who examined politicians and performance.

Off cuts 32
Sam Niell spoke to John Campbell (National Radio NZ) just prior to the release of "Jurassic Park III".

Off cuts 33
A handy tip from "Respect for Acting"

Off cuts 34
Anthony LaPaglia on the Australian film industry

Off cuts 35
comments on an interview with English writer and novelist Fay Weldon in The Age

Off cuts 36
Amanda Muggleton was interviewed for the Sunday Age (6th January 2002) by Claire Halliday

Off cuts 37
Eric Bana quote

Off cuts 38
This January Cate Kennedy won The Age Short Story Award for the second year running.

Off cuts 39
Margaret Pomeranz interviewed Cate Blanchett for the "Movie Show" on SBS.

Off cuts 40
In an interview printed in The Age, CLIVE OWEN revealed that ...

Off cuts 41
Interview with New Zealand actor, Cliff Curtis ("Once Were Warriors")

Off cuts 42
Donald Sinden on comedy

Off cuts 43
The value of the team

Off cuts 44
The tango conversation

Off cuts 45
Method is Madness: William H Macy comments on Stanislavski

Off cuts 46
Tennis and acting (again) and Judi Dench and Kevin Spacey interview with Michael Parkinson

Off cuts 47
Michael Kitchen in "Foyle's War" - making acting simple

Off cuts 48
End of year performances: Theatre vs TV from directors' points of view

Off cuts 49
Why actors act: Michael Caine in an interview with Michael Parkinson (Pt. I)

Off cuts 50
The Value of Experience: Michael Caine in an interview with Michael Parkinson (Pt. II)

Off cuts 51
Commentary on The X-Files' simple yet effective performance style

Off cuts 52
A useful tip from Martina Navratilova about 'dealing with the moment'.

Off cuts 53
Bob Fraser supplies acting advice online. This article from his January '07 newsletter speaks in commonsense terms about the lessons learnt from this years Golden Globe Awards.

Off cuts 54
The real experience of being thrown in the deep end as an understudy.



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