An updated version of The Rehearsal Room Acting Process is now available.  First published in 2003 this version published in September 2011 includes all the new elements that have been added to the core process in recent times.  CLICK HERE


“It's All About the Process”

What could a golf lesson teach us about acting? Read the Blog to find out and then watch the video to see the results.


“Getting the BEST Out of an Audition Workshop”

Some interesting ways of approaching participating in an Audition Workshop. Practical examples from an actual session with Melbourne Casting Director DINA MANN in March 2013.


“Acting Process for Presenters”

The Rehearsal Room acting process is of great use for TV Presenters.


“Making Performance Choices”

Why you need to take a LITTLE time. And why you need to make sure its productive.


“Are You Ready To Go”

A simple path to successful outcomes.


“Selling Yourself”

You are probably being brilliantly dramatic ... but is that the best way to sell yourself on your show reel?


“Complex Listening”

The key to this is often about building an ACTIVE pre-history for the character?


“Trusting the Response”

A revolutionary thought ... are you prepared to take the risk?

  “Dark Thoughts for Dark Words; Warm Thoughts for Warm Words”




Actor’s comments after a REHEARSAL ROOM class …

“This exercise is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

“This is really exciting.  I can see my listening improving.”

 “This makes complete sense to me”

I can see the effect it is having”

“It stops all my bad habits”.

This is what The Rehearsal Room does best.  It develops practical techniques that have a clear impact on a performer’s capability.  And these techniques are growing all the time. They grow because of the adventurous nature of the actors who come here. 

As I write this, on Thursday 21st October 2010, I am wondering what discoveries we will come up with next.

Adelaide Casting Director Angela Heesom said on a recent trip to The Rehearsal Room, “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.”

Are you ready for a really productive acting adventure? Why are you waiting?? It will make a difference.


The Directors Notes are reflections upon the actor's process stimulated by discussions, rehearsals, performances and workshops which occur in and around Richard's professional experience.

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Turning Points
TV Presenting
What is Talent?


"The Creative Process of Making Performance"

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