Welcome to The Green Room. Traditionally, the Green Room is the area where actors relax between scenes on a film or TV set, or during a show in the theatre. The Rehearsal Room Green Room follows that tradition, but also gives you a chance to learn more about your chosen profession from many different perspectives. So, get comfortable and take the time to browse the immense store of information available below...


Grand SLAM Winners

"The Acting SLAM"

There were FOUR Acting SLAMS in 2015 climaxing in the 2015 GRAND SLAM. There the winners of the four rounds competed for the 2015 crown.

The SLAMS delivered five very entertaining Friday nights at a variety of venues finally coming to rest at The Courthouse Hotel, 86 - 90 Errol Street, North Melbourne.

The 2016 SLAMS commence on Friday 18th March.

More details can be found here on the Facebook Group.

The RULES for 2016 SLAMS are here


"Auditioning for Music Theatre"

Learn about the experience of auditioning for a major musical production. AKINA EDMONDS has appeared in 5 musicals over 5 years. She has auditioned for a total of 13 shows and had call backs for all to them. Here she shares her experience so that the inexperienced actor can gain some practical knowledge of the audition process. Click here for the interview ...

Akina Edmonds


"Acting Process & Music Theatre"


THE VALUE OF 'THE REHEARSAL ROOM PROCESS' - In a second interview with music theatre performer AKINA EDMONDS.  I was interested to know how what she had learnt at The Rehearsal Room fitted into her journey so far ... Go here


An article that explores the contrast between the skills required when acting for the stage or the screen.  “Screen Vs Stage” - simple comparisons in a practical and historical perspective. 


If your experience is primarily focused on stage work what is the BIG difference when you get a screen acting gig?  For more …


CHECK OUT this Rehearsal Room exercise. It is a standard part of the Advanced Workshop. Based on a Sandford Meisner exercise this is now a Rehearsal Room tool to test whether actors are listening or imagining. Once actors have mastered this exercise many other acting processes become instanly easier.


ISLAND CITY - "... is the vehicle for some terrific performances.  Andy Garcia is spectacularly good.  His range is terrific, his trust exceptional, his playfulness is exciting and his ‘surprises’ are something to behold.  As a simple display of skill, this performance is worth seeing." FOR MORE...

PLUS its great fun.

Andy Garcia



The Art of Conversation - inspired by the performances of Ian McKellan and Roger Rees in 'Waiting for Godot' ... to read click here

The Relation of Text to Sub-text - "The relationship between text to sub-text is an on-going area of confusion for the actor. It’s confusing for a number of reasons " ... to read on click here


PETER McTIGHE, CAROLINE LLOYD & IAN ROONEY in rehearsal for "Hobson's Choice" at Chapel Off Chapel from 28th May till June 14th 2008 - also featuring IAN SMITH ('Harold' from Neighbours) A VERY SUCCESSFUL PRODUCTION
Read the REVIEWS plus interviews with CAROLINE LLOYD & PETER McTIGHE about their journey as actors.


"The Creative Process Of Making Performance" - DVD
For Secondary Teachers & Students 3 PROGRAMMES ON THE ONE DVD


Blogs 22 & 23 are now on line. These are the BEST SO FAR. These Rehearsal Room productions provide an opportunity for Rehearsal Room actors to expand their skills and also display them. On top of that we have fun doing it. (FOR MORE)


MP3 (downloads)
All the MP3 audio aritcles are available here.


A-Z of commentary, examples and tips on acting, inspired by particular performances in movies or elsewhere. The complexities, goals, successes and performance pressures which effect the actor’s process.

NEW PERFORMANCE PERSPECTIVES - "The Lives of Others" earned German actor ULRICH MUEHE a number of Best Actor Awards is now reviewed here in A STORY WELL SERVED (for more)

TRUE BEAUTY IS IN THE SKILL "Little Miss Sunshine"

Other films explored in Performance Perspectives include - "Garden State"; "Sideways"; " Closer"; "Almost Famous"; "In My Father's Den"; "American History X"; "Best in Show"; "Charlotte Gray"; "Lost in Translation"; "Lantana"; "Little Nicky";"Being John Malkovitch"; "Bridgette Jones Diary"; "Ghost Dog"; "Elizabeth"; "Hearts in Atlantis"; "The Fight Club"; "The Wonder Boys"; "Une Liason Pornographique" and many more

Interviews with a variety of fascinating performance professionals exploring their experience and views - Actors, Drama Coaches, Voice Teachers, Career Consultants, TV Presenters etc. They include … Getaway's Jules Lund; Actors - Alan Fletcher & Jacquie Woodburne (Neighbours), Mike Bishop (Neighbours Drama Coach), Jonathon Dutton; voice coach Linda Cartwright and much more.

Interview topics include - Acting in a Serial; Being a Lead; Acting Outdoors; Serial Television; Anatomy of the Voice; The Performance of Champions; "What if your not the juve lead?"; The TV Presenter, etc.

A range of articles and perspectives on acting by other contributors.

A performance analysis of a whole movie, scene-by-scene. Currently featured: "The Alarmist", starring Stanley Tucci, Mary McCormack, David Arquette & Kate Capshaw.


Quick interviews with various actors including Vince Colosimo, Damien Walsh-Howling, Jackie Woodburne and more ...



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