10th December 2007


SILVINA D'ALESSANDRO has been short listed for NIDA. A goal she has been working towards for a number of years. Shortly before the audition she told The Rehearsal Room, “I am ready for this.” You will remember SILVINA as the waitress in Forrest’s Blog 14 (opposite).

HARRY TSENG is on a roll.
The Australian Shakespeare company approached The Rehearsal Room asking if we had any Asian actors to recommend for their cross cultural cast for the roll of Benvolio in the summer production of Romeo & Juliette at the Botanical Gardens. HARRY'S got the job.

It is all happening for HARRY at the moment. He has been short-listed for NIDA and is waiting to hear. And he has a call back for the VCA. Well done, HARRY.

MTV Opportunity for MATT
MATT FITZPATRICK put his TV Presenting Show Reel together and sent in off to a number of producers. He received an immediate response from MTV and has an appointment to meet with them in early January. Fingers crossed. MATT attended the July TV Presenters Workshop.
LISA SONTAG is off to try her luck in England. Good luck, LISA.

The Summer Intensive?
The unique Rehearsal Room process actually does make a difference. Ask NICOLE SARWEH who is planning on doing the Summer Intensive because, “ Why didn’t I get on board earlier with this process? The process is awsome, so workable so easy.”

This exciting workshop provides a great opportunity to immerse yourself (for a whole week) in an acting process that works. You will get an overview of ALL the ingredients of Rehearsal Room process. Five days from 7th January 2008.

In the final exercise, you shoot a scene of your choosing with full camera coverage. You can have the end result edited if you wish.

What’s The Rehearsal Room difference? “It smoothes out all my wrinkles” says actor Colin Masters.

Try it. You will notice the difference.

Forrest’s 23rd Blog

Have you ever played Honey Pumpkin???? In this episode Forrest invents a new party game. Avril’s big secret is revealed. And a welcome party for Forrest’s brother River goes horribly wrong.

Shooting Forrest’s Video Blogs has been great fun. Over an hour and half of material has now been shot. THIS IS THE BEST ONE SO FAR. That’s what we think! What do you reckon? Click here to view


Getting Better and BETTER!
What happens when you keep working at a skill?

The general standard of performance from everyone at the Round Six Audition Workshop session run by Veronica Taylor (Mullinars) was very high. Veronica was extremely impressed and commented on the obvious effectiveness of this acting process. Her plan for the day was to give actors big changes from one take to the next and she stuck to that plan. The changes she asked for ranged from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Being able to make big changes quickly is one of the foundation skills The Rehearsal Room explores and actors were given a major work out last Saturday. The results? An outstanding success!! Well done everyone.

Veronica Taylor is a very experienced casting director who currently works for Mullinars (Sydney) were she has been casting Home and Away for the last 5 years.

The standard of Rehearsal Room performances is going up and up!!!! It is plain that the standard of Rehearsal Room performances is continuing to rise significantly. Why? It’s because of the value of the process and the commitment of the actors. When actors keep working the rewards follow.

Mearsuring Your Talent
Many actors come to The Rehearsal Room to get their talent quotient measured. The question they are asking themselves is, “Do I have the talent to act?” What they discover is that ‘talent’ isn’t the issue. What makes the difference is ‘knowledge’, ‘understanding’ and ‘experience’. It is those elements that make the difference between the professional actor and the amateur.

Next Terms Workshops
Summer Intensive join 5 days of fun from January 7th
Evening Classes start from January 14th Introductory, Advanced, Advanced Level 2, MASTER CLASS.
TV Presenting commences January 19th


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