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Jun 24

Terms and Conditions – Online PREMIER

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for "Creating a Character in 10 Seconds - PREMIER" 
Read carefully

1.       In acquiring “Creating a Character in 10 Seconds – PREMIER” you will have ongoing access to this material. You will also have ongoing access to any updates that occur to the material. In addition, there will be bonus offers available to you at a discounted rate for new supplementary exercises that relate to this acting technique.


2.       You will also have ongoing access to “Tips to Inspire” for 12 months, as you have acquired access to this ever-expanding list simultaneously with your purchase of “Creating a Character in 10 Seconds – PREMIER”.

3.       In acquiring access to "Creating a Character in 10 Seconds - PREMIER" you give The Rehearsal Room permission to keep you informed about updates and new opportunities that emerge. 

4.       In acquiring access you also give The Rehearsal Room permission to use your contributions of ideas, images, voice, comments and performance to help explain techniques or to promote these workshops. (The Rehearsal Room will not ever use your ideas, images, voice, comments or performance without first notifying you of the intended use.)

The one-on-one training that is associated with this course is available for 12-weeks. Your aim should be to complete the course in 10 weeks – doing one tutorial and the associated exercises a week. So, with this plan you have two extra weeks up your sleeve  if it eventuates that you need the extra time.

However, it is my strong recommendation that you commit to completing one tutorial a week (or more) to make the most of this very cleverly structured learning experience.

Once the twelve-week period has expired you may apply for a two-week extension to enable completion. That extension will be granted based on The Rehearsal Room’s availability to provide that extra one-on-one coaching.

Once that time has expired private one-on-one coaching can be acquired by paying the current hourly rate.

Sophia LightfootActor - Queensland

This is a really high quality course. Its brilliantly presented in a format that is practical, easily accessible, easy to follow and easy to understand and gets rapid results.


Ann TruongRomper Stomper, Hard Target 2, Hunters, Schapelle, Neighbours

"Something clicks in every class. It’s an amazing feeling - knowing that you are going to learn something profound but you are yet to have any idea of what that is until it happens. I return each week excited knowing that I am about to experience this." 


MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR A 15 MINUTE ONLINE CHAT WITH RICHARD.  He wants to answer your questions and make sure the course is the right fit for you.

Learn skills you will use throughout your career. Learn to be real, to be versatile, to be a great listener and to be skilled in auditions. 

Jan 30

SD Cards for Classes

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for classes

Buying an SD Card

​Canon recommendations for The Rehearsal Room's Camera are -

The camera has been tested on Panasonic, Toshiba and Sans Disk cards.   SD of 64 MB or smaller cannot be used to record video.   Canon recommend using cards with a Speed Class of 4.6 or 10.  Canon recommend the card size you use be 128MB or larger.​

​The Rehearsal Room is using ... San Disk Extreme  90MB/s  32GB   (Rating 10)

​At Officeworks it cost $39.oo (on 30 Jan 2018).  There is also a 16GB Extreme at $22 and a 16GB Ultra that will probably do the job at $12.99.

​Are you on The Rehearsal Room email list? ​
Sign up here ...

Ann Truong Hard Target 2, Hunters, Schapelle, Neighbours

"Something clicks in every class. It’s an amazing feeling - knowing that you are going to learn something profound but you are yet to have any idea of what that is until it happens. I return each week excited knowing that I am about to experience this." 

Learn the key foundation skills for a professional acting career in this Melbourne acting class. It is a modern approach that has all the best elements of traditional processes plus many gems of its own. It’s an acting process for our times.


Richard first discovered the core values of this technique when he was directing drama at the ABC in Melbourne in 1984. In an actor/director workshop run by the marvelous teacher Murray Hutchinson a simple, clear and common sense approach to Constantine Stanislavski’s theories was explained. Richard was captivated by the wonderful practicality of this approach and immediately started exploring it. He also began using it as the foundation of his directing techniques.

After watching Richard direct an actor on the ABC series “Embassy”, experienced British actor Brian Marshall commented, “That was pure Stanislavski!!” Other actors began to notice the difference and soon some began asking Richard to teach them the techniques he was using. Those requests generated what has now become The Rehearsal Room acting school in Melbourne. Over thirty-two years those common sense concepts have continued to develop and evolve.

This is a practical, professional approach focused on delivering the performance outcomes that directors and casting directors are looking for. Unlike any other acting process before it the main focus of this approach is on engaging and entertaining an audience. Actors who can do that are a sought after commodity. Richard loves teaching it. You will love learning it.

Apr 19

Drop In Sundays (by donation)

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'Drop-In' Sundays Online


 From 19 April


Ongoing Weekly


2pm to 5pm


Richard Sarell


up to $20 donation

CLICK THE LINK then post this Meeting ID:
                        969 5446 3174

What else are you going to do on SUNDAY?  

DROP-IN and do a scene and have some FUN or just DROP-IN and watch for fun.

The Zoom Meetings platform has enough flexibility to effectively run an acting class.  It has been great for The Rehearsal Room's classes over recent weeks.

FROM SUNDAY 20 JUNE A DONATION OF $20 to $30 can be made via Paypal ( or a direct bank deposit to The Rehearsal Room   BSB: 033 059    Acc No:   338111  (If you have trouble paying that come along anyway and join the fun.)

Join​ "The Rehearsal Room Drop In Wednesday & Sunday" Facebook Group. 

Email any questions to or ring 0407 226620

Glenn Quinn Mama Mia, Spamelot, Jersey Boys [lead]

I was able to quickly overcome my long held misconceptions about what acting is and was ushered into a place of freedom, spontaneity and freedom with the scene.

How this session works?

1) It works best for actors if you organize a scene partner a few days in advance

That way you can be learnt for the Drop In session on Wednesday.  Post a request on The Rehearsal Room Drop In WEDNESDAYS & SUNDAYS Facebook Group and see who might join you.   OR INVITE A FRIEND.

2) If you don't have a scene partner DROP IN ANYWAY.

You might find a scene partner on the day.  Have a scene on standby so you can email it once you do have a partner.
(Most scenes are gender neutral.  You can frequently swap a character's gender without any detrimental consequences.)

3) Practice your established skills and develop new ones

If you are already familiar with The Rehearsal Room techniques then this is a simple way to expand them further.  IF YOU AREN'T FAMILIAR WITH THIS APPROACH USE YOUR OWN PROCESS AND SEE WHAT YOU LEARN.  Actors must be flexible, eh!!

4) You will rehearse in a 'Breakout Room' with your scene partner

The format is the standard approach to classes at The Rehearsal Room.  1) General discussion about acting theory  2) Actors move in pairs to 'Breakout Rooms' to work their scene (Richard can join you to offer advice.)  3) Rejoin the main group to play your scene and get feedback.

5) You can record your work

Zoom allows you to record your work so you can re-evaluate afterwards.

6) Enjoy a relaxed social environment

Enjoy the convivial atmosphere of these classes while you continue to explore the wondrous world of acting and KEEP EXERCISING YOU ACTING MUSCLES.  

6) Just keep on learning

You can make these sessions as challenging or relaxing as you like.  Actors who keep returning to The Rehearsal Room see there skills get better and better.


  • You have the foundations of The Rehearsal Room process in place and want to continue to build your skills
  • Or it is for you if you want to gain a basic understanding of this technique
  • You have an acting problem you want to fix
  • You are looking for a stimulating way of freshening up your weekly routine
  • Share your interest in actors with others of like mind


  • You will miss out on the FUN
  • You could miss finding an acting buddy or a new friend
  • You may never know the way this approach could change your view of acting and increase your skills
  • You will miss sharing stimulating views on a topic you love
  • You will never find out how much your skill could grow from these powerful techniques


Richard finds every workshop provides the opportunity not only for actors to grow more but also for the collective understanding of technique to grow more. The exciting element of these classes is that they train actors to think in a productive way about the practicalities of acting. The discussions are stimulating, purposeful and highly productive. Richard is always on the look out for the new view that he will learn from the next class. Some thought you philosophize about today might well be an exciting basis for tomorrow’s class.

Richard often says, “I get out of bed each day excited by the prospect of an unexpected new discovery.”

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Next ONLINE Drop In - this Sunday

Learn skills you will use throughout your career. Learn to be real, to be versatile, to be a great listener and to be skilled in auditions. ​

CLICK THE LINK then post this Meeting ID:
          969 5446 3174