1st January 2006

Positive Feedback for The Rehearsal Room
There has been an increase in the number of actors building their skills at The Rehearsal Room in 2005. This has been mainly due to word of mouth recommendations from those who had already attended RR Workshops.

There has also been a significant growth in the methods used to clarify and simplify the performance process. At The Rehearsal Room the learning process is a complementary one with growth on both sides. The Rehearsal Room continues to have an organic open approach to new aspects of performance process. (See NEW Directors Notes)

A growing number of actors who initially struggled with performance process issues are now achieving professional success. This confirms The Rehearsal Room point of view that skills can be learnt. It is testimony to the fact that hard work, application of process, perseverance and practice all contribute to a successful outcome. Good process produces good results. (SEE LIST BELOW)

Audition Workshops a Success
The four Audition Workshops held in 2005 received enormously positive feedback from actors and the eight casting directors who participated. Feedback highlighted the amount of time actors were able to spend with the casting directors in these wor
kshops and that the working environment was actually like a real audition.

Actors in the workshop with Veronica Taylor (Home And Away) Nov. 2005

Veronica Taylor (Mullinars, Sydney – “Home and Away”) commented to the actors on the exceptionally high level of preparation she found in the group. Many other casting directors reflected that view.

The Audition Workshops will continue next year with Jan Russ (Grundy Television – “Neighbours”) being in the Round One and Tom McSweeney (Maura Fay – Gold Coast) in Round Two. Actors are already enrolling for this years Audition Workshops.

A Sell Out

Clifford Poon's DVD sold immediately

The T.V. Presenters Workshops were a great success in 2005 with a steady growth in popularity. As a result there is now a Level Two T.V. Presenters Workshop where presenters actually make a video for a client. If the client buy’s the completed production the presenter gets 30% of their workshop fee refunded making these the cheapest of all the Rehearsal Room Workshops. The first DVD received instant approval and the second one has received very positive responses from the client on completion of the shoot. A new Level One T.V. Presenters Workshop commences on Sunday 15th January. More individual projects are scheduled for early in the New Year.

TV Presenter Brooke Pitts-Hill on location.

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Director's Notes:

How to work out what the actor really has to do in a scene -
  "The Story in Conversation" - the KLH

Performance Perspectives:

In Her Shoes thoughts on a good film and a “Trap for Young Players”
  The Proposition a worthy Australian film “Flirting with Story”

How are your plans going for 2006?
Does your headshot need updating and are you thinking of practical ways to promote your skills and availability?
Are you planning to visit your agent do discuss your plans. The more they know how seriously you are taking you acting career the better it is for you.
Or are you actively working towards getting an agent?

What plans are you making to increase your skill level?

Congratulations to all those who in a tough year achieved work …

ALINTA CHIDZEY in “Leader of the Pack” and “Dusty”
ANNABEL PEMBERTON speaking role in “Blue Heelers”
ANDI LEW a new presenting role on Channel Nine.
BRENDA MCKINTY a guest role in Blue Heelers.
CAROLINE LLOYD a guest role in Blue Heelers.
CHRISTINE NEWELL with LATT Children’s Theatre based in Seoul (South Korea).
ELIZABETH SHINGLETON a Bakers Delight commercial.
FRIEDA MCKENNA a guest role in "We Can Be Heroes" and a new comedy series on Channel 10.
DAMIAN ANDREWS and KIRSTY LEE who achieved speaking roles in “Nightmares and Dreamscapes”
HEIDI MENZE a contract with Tokyo Disneyland.
JACKIE RAE LYTHGO a speaking role in “Last Man Standing”
JULES LUND in his on-going role on “Getaway”
KENTARO HARA had a guest role in “Neighbours”, the lead in a play that took him to Broome in W.A. and a guest role in “McLeod’s Daughters.
LIANA KRIEMER achieved an "A" for her VCE monologue exam.
PAUL O’BRIEN 3 year contract with “Home and Away”
PETER DAVENPORT had a guest role in “Blue Heelers”.
RACHEL BICKERTON in “Leader of the Pack” and “Dusty”
RAELENE ISBESTER appeared in Loyola Musical Society production of “Les Misérables” (Directed by Will Conyers) and signed her second nine-month contract with Tokyo Disneyland.
SAMMY HIRD numerous short films and an independent feature.
SHARON FENECH a speaking part in “Nightmares and Dreamscapes”
STEPHEN HANNAH a speaking part in “Blue Heelers”

And congratulations to all those who made breakthroughs in moving their performance process forward. It is those individual personal achievements which are the most significant goals.

“It is the process of continual development which defines the working actor. It has nothing to do with regularity of employment, public recognition or the size of the pay packet. Working actors are always pushing personal boundaries to expand their capabilities and to extend the knowledge of their craft.” (The Rehearsal Room’s definition of the working actor.)

Evening Classes for 2006 (10 week term)
Introductory Workshop TUESDAY 24th January 2006
Advanced (Level 1) Workshop MONDAY 23rd January 2006
Advanced (Level 2) Workshop WEDNESDAY 25th January 2006

Sunday Afternoon's
TV Presenters Workshop (Level 1) SUNDAY 15th January 2006

HAVE A GREAT 2006!!!


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