The aim of The Rehearsal Room blog is to provide Rehearsal Room actors with the opportunity to extend and display their acting skills. It is also the opportunity for anyone to provide feedback on the stories or the performance as a guide to help us build our skills.

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Do You Want To Be Involved
For the moment acting opportunities are focused on RR MASTER CLASS actors – both past and present. Actors who are interested in using this performance forum should think about creating stories that they could be involved in or characters they could play.

How To Be Involved
Anyone who wants to submit story concepts or scripts should feel free to do so. There will be more adjustments to submission processes as we discover what the interest is and how it should best be organised.

Copyright – The Rehearsal Room supports the ownership of material by its creators. However, anyone performing or writing a script needs to give all rights, without reservation, to The Rehearsal Room for use in anyway and to publish in anyway that is not commercial. A list of all writers and actors will be kept by The Rehearsal Room. In the event that The Rehearsal Room is approached for any commercial use of the material The Rehearsal Room will inform the original creators of any negotiations. Under these circumstances formal contracts will be arranged.

Note: To keep things simple The Rehearsal Room will not accept any story outlines or concepts unless they are donated to the project. Anyone who wants to be paid in anyway for story concepts needs to submit their material to a professional commercial organisation not to The Rehearsal Room.

New beginning 
It’s a new beginning for Forrest because it’s been his first night in his new residence. He has moved out of home for the first time, he feels it is a new beginning of his awareness about saving the planet and he is starting his first video blog.

His grandmother died recently. The relatives all swooped in and took or sold all the furniture and belongings. Gran had left the house to her daughter, Alison, who was in the most need of it. But a fight has erupted amongst the rest of the family over whether that is fair or not. Now Gran’s will is being contested.

Forrest is living in the house as caretaker until the legal debate is settled. At this stage he is paying no rent. He has no furniture except one mattress on the floor. He has a few cups, spoons and plates but that is all. He also has his video camera and his laptop.

Each entry is 2 - 3 minutes. (Thus far this rule has been observed erratically)
They are recorded in one take. They are not edited. (This will change as he gets more equipment and expertise)
They can be recorded in different locations. But for the moment he doesn’t have a tripod.
They can be exterior locations.
Other people will appear in the blog. (Entry 3 for example)

Note for writers or story concept creators – The stories we tell need to be believable in the context that all the participants know that the camera is rolling. Occasionally (as in Entry 3) the hidden camera technique can be used – however we need to be careful that Forrest doesn’t to often deliberately invade people’s privacy.

The Situation
Forrest only works 3 days a week.

The drama of his life revolves around -

  • Survival - food, friends, health and the need to have money to spend.
  • His belief that global warming is threatening the planets existence – although he has thought about this a lot he has never actively done anything about it.
  • The on-going fight between the relatives which will affect how long he can stay in the house
  • The interest in girls and issues of sexual identity
  • That there are two other rooms in this house that other people could occupy (friends want to move in) and this poses on-going issues. He is the only one who is meant to live here.

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