Audition Process
Thoughts on the outcome of a Rehearsal Room Audition Workshop explore the essential ingredients of the "The Audition Adventure".

Actors and The Casting Director
some thoughts on the audition process "Processing the Audition Process" as a result of observing actors at work. Plus some tips from ABC Casting Director Alison Telford.

Casting a Co-op Theatre Production
A reflection upon the experience of the first phases of organizing a co-op play with particular emphasis on the casting process from the director's point of view. "An Adventure into Theatre"

Fred Schepisi and "LAST ORDERS"
Fred Schepisi spoke about the making of "Last Orders" at its first Melbourne screening at the Nova Cinema in Carlton (Friday 28th June 2002). Topics include auditions, casting and rehearsals for thid his most recently released film. Fred Schepisi and "Last Orders"

Inside 'The Actors Studio'
Angela Dickson reflects upon a visit to The Actors Studio to see a reading of 'Dynamite Tonight' (An Actors Opera).

Noah: My Part In His Downpour
Jonathan Biggins played the First Priest in the American Co-production of "Noah's Ark" starring Jon Voight. In this memorable article he recounts with great wit his journey through the filming of the flood. Along the way he provides great insights into the experience of being cast in a small part on a large production. In addition he has also delivered an extremely entertaining read. "Noah: My Part In His Downpour" explores many facets of the actors lot and is a must to read.

Memory & Learning Lines
'The Memory Contest'
- Howard Stanley actor, director and teacher reflects upon the issues surrounding line learning.

The Acting Experience
Getting and creating the role of Tom Ripley. Drew Hunt reflects upon his experiences in "A Challenging Role".

The Experience of Doing It
Only so much can be learnt about acting from reading, thinking and classes. The hard lessons are learnt through the process of actually doing it. Richard reflects upon the lessons learnt by a group of student actors from their cabaret performance.

Shooting a Shooting
A "Blue Heelers" shooting. Tess Masters reflects upon the actors experience of being shot.

The First Gig
The experience of an actor who took Rehearsal Room process to the set of a student film. The real challenge of applying the classroom theory to a real acting experience.

Directing the Monologue
Doctor and actor Caroline Lloyd approached me to direct an evening of monologues for the theatre. The inspiration for the production was a piece Caroline had written based on five years experience working as a doctor in a number of Melbourne's brothels. This article explores the various experiments and discoveries made during the intense and fascinating rehearsal period.

The Casting Conumdrum
Four casting directors name the three most important elements they are looking for when auditioning an actor ...

Status Stunts of the "Stars"
A look at some of the "stunts" pulled by those considered "stars" in the industry. Not all do this, but, there are some ...



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