5th August 2007


The Audition Workshops have been paying off with actors leaving lasting impressions on Casting Directors who are extremely impressed with the Rehearsal Room results. Cameron Harris on a number of occasions enthusiastically commented to the whole group about the quality of their work. Tom McSweeney was also very impressed. Actors are being more confident and consistent with their choices in their performances by simply telling the story, playing with surprises, and bringing complexity to their characters.

It is important to keep up your skills - a “Working Actor is a Learning Actor”.

DAVE KENYON auditioning for Casting Dirctor Cameron Harris in the Round 3 Workshop. To enrol in Round 4... click here
"The most valuable aspect of the audition workshop is Richard’s feedback,” DAVE KENYON said. “He talks in terms and concepts that are measurable and really make sense. I learnt a lot." Dave has since joined the Advanced Evening Workshop and is enjoying exploring The Rehearsal Room performance process in more detail.
ELKE OSADNIK is another actor who has really enjoyed the classes and has now enrolled in Round Four Audition Workshop - "Put me down for this audition workshop also. I'm LOVING them!!!

So keep up the brilliant work.

The next round of Audition workshops is coming up, so enroll now to help build your skills and leave your lasting impression on the Casting Directors of the future - positions filling fast.

ROUND 4 AUDITION WORKSHOP – commences August 11th and the casting directors Alison Telford and Fiona Dann will be seen on 1st and 8th September. Enrol NOW


More and more, actors are finding that Rehearsal Room process allows them to gain control of their acting process. The next opportunity to MAKE A START ON CHANGING YOUR VIEW OF ACTING - Sunday Introductory and Advanced Workshops start on August 26th 2007 (Click here).


Ainslie Ford in an exercise for the current TV Presenters Workshop.
A final chance for this year to do the TV Presenters Workshop commences on 10th November 2007.
For details ...
Matt Fitzpatrick is also venturing outside for the first time.


There Are Only 3 Stories!!
Can this be TRUE?? The answer is it can be true and its no big deal. There are only three stories. The Rehearsal Room continually explores methods of simplifying the actors process to increase the chance of being able to quickly get ‘on song’ with a scene. Along the way the theory that there are only three possible stories has been extensively tested. And at this point the answer appears to be that - in terms of working out what is happening in a scene - this theory is very efficient.

“Publishing the discoveries we make has always been part of The Rehearsal Room philosophy,” said Richard Sarell. The other day it was pointed out that an old article on the website was out of date with current Rehearsal Room thinking. It has now been up-dated. 'The Story in a Conversation' first published in June 2005 has been revised to include all the more recent discoveries. You can find out for yourself. Why don’t you test this theory out? If you come up with a different answer The Rehearsal Room would really like to know what you have discovered.

You can read “The Story in a Conversation” by clicking here.


The standard of performances is growing term by term at The Rehearsal Room and the MASTER CLASS evenings are producing some exciting outcomes. A growing number of actors who value The Rehearsal Room process as a practical tool are working their way up the professional ladder. PAUL COUSING, after playing the lead in the independent theatre production of ‘Black Rock’ now has taken another step forward with the lead in an independent movie. While Kristen Sargent, having just completed shooting the fully funded ‘Prey’ has auditioned for two more films. Casting directors are commenting that she is ‘nailing’ auditions. Doing well in auditions doesn’t mean you get the part but it does mean that you get asked back next time.


Forrest Ventures Forth
The Rehearsal Room is beginning the process of testing whether "Forrest’s New Beginning” is marketable as a feature film. There is much to be learnt but we will keep you informed of our growing experience in this area via this website and also on The Rehearsal Room's MySpace page.

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Forrest's camera is venturing further afield in more recent times. Blogs 15,16 & 17 are now online. In Blog 15 (No Love Lost) Forrest attends a round table mediation conference over his Gran's will. In Blog 17 he installs a new shower head but gets "Caught with his Pants Down". And in the 17th Blog he and Avril take the camera to meet the ‘Guru of Love’. Blog 17 ... to view


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