9th May 2006

It was just a Sunday like any other but there were two events this past Sunday that gave great pleasure.

Paul O'Brien accepting his Logie for 'Most Popular New Male Talent'
Logie’s Success
PAUL O’BRIEN achieved what he described as a “dream come true” when he won the Logie for ‘Most Popular New Male Talent’ on Sunday night at Crown Casino. Prior to PAUL accepting his award JULES LUND (another Rehearsal Room actor) had been interviewing arrivals on the Red Carpet at the start of the evenings proceedings. JULES was initially very excited that PAUL had been nominated but he was thrilled when PAUL won the award and JULES immediately sent an SMS to The Rehearsal Room. This was the Logie Awards 50th birthday.

PAUL first came to The Rehearsal Room in September 2002. JULES had started in July 2002. They did a number of classes together.

Earlier in the day director Richard Sarell had achieved something too. After 12 months of trying he finally managed to swim a kilometre without stopping. What’s the connection between these two events you ask? It’s simply this. If you keep working at something you eventually get there. PAUL O’BRIEN and JULES LUND standout not just for the success they have achieved but for the work they have put in to getting themselves there.

Well done, Jules ! Congratulations, PAUL.

Jules Lund at work on the Logies Red Carpet.


Casting director Melanie Mackintosh has left Mullinars in Melbourne and has set up her own casting agency, Mackintosh Casting. This is a very recent development and her website, which is only just established, (www.mackintoshcasting.com) is not fully operational on last look. Melanie is aiming for a paper free office and there will be a special button on her website for actors to submit there details.


BECK ASHA’S reason for not attending acting classes this term is that much of her time is being taken up in the production of a new magazine “Your Industry” which is now available. Beck who is finishing her degree in Media Studies this year is endeavouring to make acting her priority but for the moment has been diverted by her new project.

“Your Industry” is a FREE magazine which focuses on supporting local productions, performers and events in Melbourne. REBECCA ASHA is the publisher and editor. You can find the website at ww.yourindustry.com.au “Your Industry” is available from the Malthouse Theatre, Open Channel, Rivoli, Palace, KinoDendy & Nova Cinemas, Gasworks, Chapel Off Chapel and the VCA.


The Rehearsal Room MP3
The Rehearsal Room’s first audio file is now ready. You can download it now from this link (CLICK HERE). This is a new experiment so let us know what you think.

The ‘podcast’ explores an issue that is the focus of The Rehearsal Room process at the moment. That is, “How do you make your performances brighter, bolder and more engaging while still being complex and believable”. Rehearsal Room actors report they are making significant progress in moving their performances towards stronger and more engaging outcomes. Those are the kind of results that attract attention in the audition room. Although the main topic of this audio file is “The Real Value of Audition Workshops” it also focuses on a significant element that holds actors back from really excelling.

Rehearsal Room process will make a noticeable difference to quality of your performance. CHECK OUT THIS 'Podcast' NOW. CLICK HERE to down load

Learning Lines – Check out these Directors Notes CLICK HERE.

Sunday Inroductory & Advanced Workshops start June 11th to 2 3rd July 2006.

Next Audition Workshop (Round 3) is with Alison Telford from the ABC and independent casting director Cameron Harris. There are some places left – ENROL NOW


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