8th April 2007

TV Presenter Auditions for a Pilot

The Rehearsal Room is working towards shooting a pilot for a half hour magazine style show “The Missing Manual”. The aim is to produce a short pilot (about one third of the actual programme duration) to pitch to the networks. We believe that visual content will speak more clearly and positively about the programmes potential than a written document will.

Auditions are to be held on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th April - more details are on the Victorian Audition Bulletin Board. Those with TV Presenting skills and/or experience as teachers, parents and/or health care professionals (particularly those who specialize in child health) are invited to audition.

The Pilot is unfunded and will be produced by Cathy Liparota and Richard Sarell.

Monologue Workshops
This workshop is one of The Rehearsal Room’s most recent exciting innovations. It is a one-day workshop that can completely change an actor’s view of how to approach a monologue. Actor’s who attended the previous Monologue Workshop found there was an immediate improvement in their technique that produced positive responses from Casting Directors and agents.

The class size has now been reduced to a maximum of 6 actors – this is the last time this invaluable workshop will be available for $120. Enrol now and SAVE.

It's on Sunday 6th May 2007.

TV Presenting

The next TV Presenters Workshop commences on Sunday 8th July.

BLOG 11 featuring MYRON LYSENKO and his song "Some People are Beautiful"

The Quest for Quality

The most popular entry of Forrest’s New Beginning video blogs thus far has been “Forrest Sacked!!!!” with 125 viewings but there has also been a very positive response to “Psyched Out!!!” This is the entry in which the busker (MYRON LYSENKO) sings his crazy but charming song.

Forrest’s Video Blog started off as an acting exercise but as it has become plain that there is story to be told here, more work is now going into the scripting of each segment.

As a result Blog No 12 has been re-written and will be re-shot on Tuesday 10th April. This delay has prevented ‘Lip Balm Kissing’ (Blog No 13) from being uploaded to MySpace even though it was shot a few weeks ago. Everyone had great fun shooting the Lip Balm Kissing episode and its release is waited with anticipation.

PETER DAVENPORT provided valuable assistance in the re-write of the blog 12 entry. Thanks, Pete.

BLOG 13 "Lip Balm Kissing" IS YET TO BE UPLOADED.

Growing Popularity

Word of mouth has always been The Rehearsal Room’s strongest publicity tool. And more and more actors are talking about the change that has taken place in their performance skill as a result of Rehearsal Room process. As a result, more actors are enrolling in workshops. A number of workshops have waiting lists for this term – THINK AHEAD AND BOOK EARLY. Actors are already making bookings for the Sunday classes in May!

Increase in fees.
There will be a small increase in fees to accommodate increased Rehearsal Room expenses for the third term classes. The cost of a term will be increasing by $20 to $495. The Rehearsal Room continues to include the cost of the GST in the overall price and has not included this extra 10% of costs in any of the course fees.

The German feature, “The Lives of Others” has won actor ULRICH MUEHE many awards. The film also received the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. Its review is posted in THE GREENROOM.

Chapel off Chapel

Chapel Off Chapel is presenting a Sunday Series of forums for Emerging
Playwrights, commencing in May of this year. This program offers writers,
whose work is yet to be shown, an opportunity for rehearsed readings of
their work and invaluable audience feedback on the plays. After
the reading there are nibblies and a lazy Sunday drink in the Chapel Bar/Foyer.

The Swirl of Madness by Shannon Murdoch
Performed by Petra Kalive and Roderick Cairns
Sunday 6th May 2007 @ 1:00pm

Shannon Murdoch holds a first class honours degree in Theatre and a Master
of Philosophy in Creative Writing from the University of Queensland. Her
play The Lovely was a finalist in the International Emerging Writers One
Act Competition and was produced in 2004 and published in 2005.

Entry to this event is free and registration is not essential.
Enquiries: (03) 8290 7000
Chapel Off Chapel
12 Little Chapel St

Chapel Off Chapel are still accepting script submissions for future sessions.
Details are as follows:
Plays of any length and genre.
Plays must not have previously been performed or workshopped in a public arena.

For further information please call Eleanor Howlett on (03) 8290 7001

The Australian Screen Tests
AIPA is organising an event it describes as - the biggest 'go-see' the industry has ever seen - to look for the next round of new faces and performers.

The aims of the event are:

* To link the US and Australian industries
* To provide a venue and event for unrepresented talent to be seen by agents and casting agents
* To provide an opportunity for represented talent to be seen or re-introduced to the casting community.
* To provide participants and families with information about the industry through numerous seminars run by people from Showcast, MEAA, office of the Kid's Guardian, Glynis Arban a fashion/modelling photographer based in NYC, Aaron Marcus a commercial model from the US with over 400 professional credits and many more.

There are eight categories, broken then into seven age groups at the request of the casting agents involved from the US. A few of the international guests include Lesley Collis - Casting director of Mattel worldwide, Paul Weber casting director of MGM TV Worldwide, Mari Lyn Henry ex-casting director of Days of our Lives and author of best seller "How to be a working actor" as well as another dozen or so. Pippa Hall of Pippa Hall Casting London (Narnia, Billy Elliot, Nanny McPhee etc...) will also be there unless something comes up last minute.

AIPA focuses its programmes on training children but this event is for all actors.

For more information - www.australianscreentests.com.au



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