Preparing a show reel is a time consuming and often expensive process. Sometimes after all the effort and cost there is dissatisfaction with the end product.

Why not seek professional advice before you spend too much money?

Make sure you are heading in the right direction before you commit to any major expense.

How to do this?

  1. Prepare a rough edit of your intended content on a VHS tape or DVD. If you have cheap access to editing equipment use that - if not you can do this on two home VCR’s. Don’t worry about the quality of the edits. Just make sure you include all the scenes and visuals (still and moving) that you intend to use.
  2. Send an email to The Rehearsal Room explaining which level of assessment you require (see below) and include your -
      • Name and address
      • Phone and Fax number
      • Method of payment
  3. Add to your email a brief list of any other information you may think it is necessary for The Rehearsal Room to know. (For example captions you intend to use etc.)
  4. CHECK THAT YOU have included the details of your name, a contact postal address, your phone and/or FAX numbers.

  5. CLICK HERE TO PAY ONLINE - Basic ($28AU); Intermediate ($45AU); Superior ($83AU) Or you can pay be direct bank transfer (request details in your email) or by including a cheque or money order with your VHS or DVD. (See below for details.)
  6. Print a copy of your email and include it with your your videotape/DVD and..
  7. Post the video tape and form to:-

The Rehearsal Room
18 Clendon Road,
Australia 3143

Assessment Options Assessments will be e-mailed to you immediately the assessment process is completed. Fees are based on the assumption that the viewing time of your tape is not longer than 10 minutes. Your Show Reel actually does not need to be any longer than that. To keep costs low videotapes will not be returned.

Show Reel Assessment Basic
If you are solely looking for a guide to the quality and appropriateness of your Show Reel this service is all you require. The Rehearsal Room will assess -

  • The quality of your reel (technical standards and performance standards)
  • The appropriateness of duration and segment order
  • Comment on any duplication or the repetitive nature of segments and their value
  • Suggest any appropriate additions.

Fee $28AU

Sample Assessment

Show Reel Assessment Intermediate
This assessment provides more detailed explanations of the comments made in the Basic Assessment.

Fee $45AU

Sample Assessment

Show Reel Assessment Superior
This assessment not only provides the comments made in the Basic Assessment and the Intermediate Assessment but also includes a performance assessment of the acting process displayed – if necessary it may suggest areas for further development.

Fee $83AU

Sample Assessment

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