I just wanted to thank you for your great piece of advice that me directly to getting a national TV commercial.


I was in the master class with you and you had watched the rehearsal for a scene. The character I was playing was a University Professor.  Subconsciously I had thought I need to somehow convey I am university professor. After the rehearsal you had said - I can understand what you are doing in the scene but I don't see any Dave Kenyon in there. We did the scene again and this time you said you saw a dramatic difference that really made it a more believable performance. I actually felt more comfortable too. I just asked myself 'what if this was me in this situation?'


The next week I went to a casting for a commercial. This time though I came as myself.  I really put myself in the situation. We had to do a little impro to camera about a big idea we were presenting to the board. I spoke about stuff I know and am enthusiastic about, 'web video marketing', and got great feedback.  Next day I got a callback. The callback I did the same thing and was cast in the TVC which will air from 1st Feb 2015 for 12 months.


So a big thankyou to you mate. I am taking that piece of advice into everything I do. For too long I have tried to be someone else in a casting. For now its always going to be 'me' doing that particular job handling that particular situtation as I would handle it.


Merry Christmas!!


" Hey Rich,

Things at this end have been going really well. I had an audition at Lou Michell's for the 'Molly' bio drama telemovie a couple of weeks ago. I felt it was my strongest audition yet. Lou was great! I have had another few short film auditions all which went really well. 2 Divas have me on hold for a Metricon TVC ... filming in a fortnight for 2 or 3 days.

I have a 'Winners and Losers' audition on Tuesday with Andrew Thompson. This is a fantastic opportunity and I'm super excited. Been working very hard on it. I've been going to all these auditions feeling very confident, relaxed and able to push things much further than I ever dreamed possible. I can 'do bold' now. All the things that you and The Rehearsal Room have shown me have enabled me to get to this point. It's a bloody amazing feeling. Tbank you for helping me get there. Couldn't have done it without you."

- Wes Forke, December 14

"Hey Richard,

I'm just standing in wardrobe after finding out yesterday I've got a bit part in an American mini-series being shot in Melbourne for the next three months. It's three days work playing the main character's mother. All very exciting and full of opportunity. Just wanted to say thank youi , for your trechniques and your positiveness. While I haven't been around much this year, your techniques and teaching are what keep me going and got me this far. Even at 40 it's not too old to give up on your dreams.

Looking forward to engaging in more classes in 2015. Have a great Christmas. "

- Belinda Wilson, December 14


" Hi Richard,

I've been meaning to write and thank you for all my Rehearsal Room knowledge that has helped me at various auditions. I had two directors see me this week for roles that were auditioning later. Both went well using Rehearsal Room technique and both were entirely different. Both directors seemed pleased.

I've just completed a 5-day government TV shoot and I'm up for another audition next week when I return. On every occasion the roles are entirely different and I never feel nervous ... and I can change delivery easily as directed.

So, thanks Richard for giving me a new beginning in a new career that never seems like work."

- Mardi Edge, November 14

" Bye the way my audition on Saturday went well. I think I delivered a character they hadn't seen to that point - at least that is what they said. They re-directed me to a sterner character, which is what they had in mind which went wel, tool. I actually feel I did one of my best auditions ever. I developed a character that was different to what they had asked for and took a bit of a risk. I had a clear Conversation Goal ... and didn't start in the same way on my second take. So ALL GOOD even if I don't get the role. "

- Katrina Gow, November 14


" Hi Richard,

What I love about you and The Rehearsal Room is the simplicity of everything you teach. Everything we learn is so simple and practical that we can apply it straight away, not just in our acting but in our day-to-day life.

The second best thing I love is how you ask questions, it makes us think critically and find the anwers ourselves. The combination ofthe theoretical and practical in these classes makes learning fast and effective.

This is the place to take your acting and TV Presenting skills to the next level. I highly recommend The Rehearsal Room."

- Barath Kumar, November 14

" Thanks, Richard.

I'm certainly enjoying the ride as my understanding of the craft deepens.

Something clicks in every class. It's an amazing feeling - knowing that you are going to learn something profound ... yet you have no idea what that is until it happens. I return each week excited knowing that I am about to experience this. "

- Ann Truong, March 13

Ann Truong

Genevieve Brock

" Hi Richard,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading the article you wrote on "the Pursuit of Truth... being Bold and Believable", I feel it had such relevance to me as an actor, especially considering in the past I have often felt that my performances are dull because I've spent too much time worrying about being 'natural' and 'truthful'. I could really relate to the line "the actor whose focus is prioritized on being truthful is inevitably working on how the character feels about the events that are unfolding". This certainly rang true for me, as did the disadvantages of this approach that you wrote about. In the past I have definitely been guilty of this (using the 'truth meter') and during any scene where I have taken that approach, I have definitely not made listening the priority and end up feeling like a bit of a fraud. For me, in my experience, I've had that fear of being 'bold' (although countless other acting coaches of mine have always said, "Be bold in your choices") and I end up playing safe, worrying that I'm being "too big" or "overacting". And your right, this fear has held me back from ever taking risks and even completely abandoning my gut instinct. When I think of Hollywood actors who I consider 'big and bold', like Jim Carrey for instance, during his performances, I still 100% believe him and often will be waiting with anticipation for what he'll do next.

I'm so glad you wrote this article! I feel it's so appropriate and it's something I think about all the time as an actor and have always wondered how to incorporate risk taking and being bold into my scenes. You've just described the process beautifully and I realize more and more just how much fear has held me back and destroyed a lot of great moments in my previous work. This article is now hanging on my bedroom wall :)

I also want to take this opportunity to let you know how much I am enjoying the classes. I really love learning The Rehearsal Room process because I respond much better to a programme that is simple. I don't walk into class with that feeling in the pit of my stomach that only comes from putting too much pressure on myself to 'get it right', (which is a nice change for me). I think you are a wonderful teacher and incredibly insightful and that goes for all the articles you have written.

See you Wednesday night


- Genevieve Brock, August 10

G’day Rich!
Just got back from a few days in Sydney and also got engaged! I also won a Green card in the lottery can you believe? (Hence the trip to Sydney for the interview with the Consulate)

I always find that I take a lot away from every Master class term as it's a great environment to practice with other skilled actors. I like the Rehearsal Room methods as they give me solid and specific tasks to focus on and explore definite paths for generating effective performances, no matter what the script.

Thanks for your kind words too Richard, very much appreciated. I'm feeling more and more that I'm getting an element of (dare I say it) control over what I'm doing. I think the thing that I keep (re)discovering lately is to put faith in my own presence, which I think isn't too bad when I'm relaxed and drop my centre of gravity, and not feel that I have to give something extra in a performance.

Anyway Rich, thanks again and hopefully see you soon!!

- John King
, July 09


" I came back from Tuesday night on a high and really feeling like I learned something. What I found, was that there are so many things to remember as an actor but if it can be distilled into a purpose (fight for control/challenge/test) - not only does the performance become real but it actually helps with nerves, because you become so focused."

- Susan Strafford, January 07

"I just wanted to let you know that last night was fantastic! I have participated in various actor training programs, and I found our session last night to be very unique.

I appreciate the simplicity of the process we're using. It helps me identify the story in a scene so quickly. The character's need becomes very clear, changes are easier to make, and the results we produced in just a few hours were remarkable. (If I do say so myself!) I especially enjoyed working in a small group. We were able to thoroughly explore issues as they arose - and you stepped in to steer us in the right direction when needed. I am really looking forward to the rest of the term. Should be really interesting!"

- Jennifer Sheahan, January '07



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