Comments from participants in John Higginsons Voice Over Workshops


"I booked myself a place in John Higginson’s Professional Voice Over class hoping to find out exactly what I needed to do to realise my Voice Over dream. I wanted to know where I was going wrong and what I was missing. I wanted honesty and challenges and the chance to learn from someone who was living the life I wanted to live! Once the first class started it was pretty clear that John’s Voice Over course was going to be an absolutely amazing experience!


John taught me to embrace the chaos and follow my instincts. He gave me the skills and confidence needed to tackle any script and believe me, there were some doozies. I had very specific expectations of this course and he exceeded all of them. It was an absolute pleasure and a joy to be there every week. I feel like I have an entire world of possibilities ahead of me now and I cannot wait to get out there!

Participating in John’s class is one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself; I only wish I had done it sooner.

- Ashley McCloud, August '14


Hi Richard,
I scored my first voiceover gig this week which I could not have done without training with John Higginson. It was Jetstar, no less, as the lead voiceover on the TVC for the launch of its Asian services.

The two of you make a dymamic team.

- Selene Ng, July '09

"Hi John,

While your VO course provides a comprehensive academic base and repeated intensive coaching in the actual studio environment, the real key to the outstanding quality and results of your VO course is you.

Your knowledge of the techniques, tips and nuances of this particular performance art is extensive and deep. But it is also more than that. It is your commitment, energy, genuine enthusiasm, constructive criticism and kind encouragement that ensured all students in our group achieved high quality performances. Performances of which none of us believed we were capable. It was daunting and exhilarating.

I have been in the advertising industry for nearly 30 years and attended hundreds of VO recording sessions – but this course exposed my lack of understanding of the skill and talent required from the VO artist. It also exposed the incompetence of some copywriters!

Your VO course would be a fabulous addition to the AFA Adschool copywriter’s course and for anyone else working in the advertising industry who shares the aim of creating more effective communications. Your VO course would also be of huge benefit to those people who are on the client side of communications management and production.

For me, it was brilliant and really great fun and I'm looking forward to completing the demo CD."

- Greg Thompson September '08
(Group is Account Director at DRAFTFCB)

"Hi John,

I found you such a great tutor that I really hoped you would help me with my demo as well. I was really pleased when you did. John, your attention to detail and level of professionalism is incredible. You honestly cannot help but end up with top, professional level skills and demo CD, and this is just the boost we all need to get into voice over work. Your patience and dedication in bringing out the absolute best of my voice is greatly appreciated, and your connections in the industry are vital for the whole process. You make sure in every way that our voice skills and our demo are without question the best you can possibly achieve.

Many thanks"

- Dan Purdey August '08



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