8th April 2004

The Rehearsal Room
has decided to keep class sizes to a maximum of 8 actors this term. As a result the Level One MASTER CLASS (to be re-named next term the 'Advanced Level 2' workshop - see below) is currently full. Actors interested in this class will need to go on a waiting list in the hope of someone dropping out. However, there are still places available in the Introductory, Advanced Level 1 and MASTER CLASSES. Enrolments for second term are happening now. ENROL FOR SECOND TERM AND SAVE 5% (SEE BELOW)

Teenage Success
Feed back from teenage actors in the Saturday morning classes reveal a very strong response to The Rehearsal Room workshops. Such comments as "these classes were much better than other courses - more informative and more useful" were repeated often. One young actor said, "I have learnt a lot more of the basics than at other courses." Yet again The Rehearsal Room was rated highly for the quality of the course (100%) and the quality of the teaching. A previous survey by Melbourne University Student Union Short Courses also rated The Rehearsal Room workshops very highly. On that occasion some students rated the value of the classes at higher than 100%

McLeod's Daughters Director at TRR
Richard Jasek completed the edit of his most recent McLeod's Daughters episodes in time to attend the final night of the Level One MASTER CLASS for term one. Richard generously shared his knowledge with The Rehearsal Room actors and everyone had twenty to thirty minutes being directed by him in the audition studio.
It was a very valuable evenings experience. He congratulated the actors on their clear level of process and their ability to take direction and make changes. Richard thoroughly enjoyed the evening and expressed interest in attending more sessions at The Rehearsal Room.

Audition Success

Nick Hamon attended the final night of the Advanced Workshop for this term and actors performed a general audition for him. This is the standard exercise for this group and it is always a good test of process. CAROLINE LLOYD emerged from her session with Nick Hamon, wrinkling her nose with dissatisfaction. "I felt as stiff as a broomstick," she said. "Although," she added, "I often find it hard to tell how I have gone."

In fact, the results she achieved were fantastic. In the first take there was no sign of the stiffness she felt had pervaded her work, her listening was excellent and complex while there were many splashes of bright engaging energy. It was an extremely good audition. So, feeling comfortable is not a necessary ingredient to success. What was clear was that good process will produce good results.


NEW LEVELS at The Rehearsal Room
Over recent terms the majority of actors who have completed the Level Two MASTER CLASS have returned to repeat that level as part of their on-going work in developing their skills. As a result of this practical need an extra level has been introduced.

The new level will be two Advanced classes - 'Advanced Level One' & 'Advanced Level Two'. This will mean there are five levels of Rehearsal Room workshops in all - they are Introductory, Advanced Level One; Advanced Level Two, Level One MASTER CLASS and Level Two MASTER CLASS.

Short Film Script for Level Two MASTER CLASS
This term the Level Two MASTER CLASS is only small in number so instead of bringing in a director or casting director for the final night it has been decided to develop a short film script. The script has been developed Mike Leigh style with the actors improvising scenes as part of their Week 7 & 8 classes. By week 9 a read through was held of the completed 16 page script and the Week 10 class was a full rehearsal. Shoot dates are yet to be decided.

Goods and Services Tax.
The Rehearsal Room
has been caught in the GST net and now needs to add GST to the cost of the workshops. In fact The Rehearsal Room has paid the GST for all actors who enrolled in the first term 2004 without passing this extra cost on to the actors. However over the next two terms the GST will be added to accounts in two stages. For 2nd term The Rehearsal Room will share the GST cost with actors making the extra cost for 2nd term only a 5% increase. Third term the full 10% GST will be added to accounts. This will not affect the Teenage Classes as GST has already been included in the course fee.


Part Three of Greg Stone Interview is now available.


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