3rd February 2007

    After last weeks MASTER CLASS, ELIZABETH SHINGLETON emailed … “I felt really good being back. It’s oh so nice to just throw yourself into a scene.

    I had an audition for a TVC today – an hysterical mum – basically running around screaming and hyperventillating … last night gave me a boost (to throw myself around). Thanks.

    Looking forward to next week.

    TWO DAYS LATER – “I got the TVC! We shoot next Wednesday evening!”

    IF YOU KEEP EXERCISING THE ACTING MUSCLES AND BUILDING SKILL then you will be ready for that audition when it comes along.

    MySpace - Friends
    The Rehearsal Room now has a presence on MySpace. It happened by accident. Having experienced on going difficulties with video quality on Youtube it was discovered that MySpace seemed to be superior. So, with Sally McLean’s help a page has been established. Some written blogs have been started – this is a new experience – and The Rehearsal Room is now looking for friends. Check it out here.

    From now on Forrest’s Blogs will reside on The Rehearsal Room’s MySpace page. There are two new entries for you to view –

Forrest’s Blog is Moving On
Developing story and shooting Forrest’s Blog has been great fun and good experience. So, far 8 actors have appeared as characters in Forrest’s life. Currently, another five scenes have been written and by the time they have been recorded another 6 actors will have also appeared. Many characters will have return scenes as the story continues to unfold.

Technical Problems
We are still experiencing technical difficulties with the online quality of Forrest’s New Beginning Video Blog entries but where there’s life there is hope. The scenes which have a lot of camera movement look the worst but you can still see how the performances are going. The creation of Forrest’s story has been an exciting learning curve for us all.

    Sunday Classes NOW start on 25th February (FOR MORE)
    Audition Workshop – Nathan Lloyd and Lou Mitchell are the casting directors who will offer their advice in the Round 1 Audition Workshop. Enrol now.
    John Higginson’s Voice Over Workshop is due to commence. Click here to listen to John’s own Voice Over demo. To start your journey towards a voice over career. Enrol NOW - There are only two places left.

    Rehearsal Room actors BRENDA McKINY and SHANRAH WAKEFIELD are in "Autobahn" which opens at the Cromwell Theatre on 14th February. For details. And Rehearsal Room actor PAUL COUSINS is in "Object of Desire" at La Mama until 11th February - 9347 6142

A Valuable Point of View

Looking at the world in a proactive way is a great skill. Bob Fraser has that knack and uses it to support actors and also to provide himself with an income. He distributes this information through regular emails and through his books which he distributes on CD’s. In a recent email Bob was analysing the Golden Globe awards and making good sense. With his permission the article is available in The Rehearsal Room Off Cuts section. He looks at the fundamental issue that while actors “will always face rejection in this business … and there will always be those who tell you that your dream is 'impossible'” – there is still hope.

The production of ‘Hobson’s Choice’ which was planned to open at the end of April has been postponed. We had been forced into that choice of dates because of theatre availability but the part of the team dealing with sponsorship and fund raising could not fulfill their tasks in such a tight time frame – the decision to postpone was a Hobson’s Choice. New dates are being negotiated and will be announce shortly. The Rehearsal Room is keen to be involved in this production.




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