15th September 2009

The Rehearsal Room is always looking for the opportunity to do something different. Now theres a chance for Rehearsal Room actors to gain more experience for free, through a feature film concept 'Rhyme or Reason'. Richard has designed this as a skill building project that is done just for fun. The aim is to publish scenes on the internet as they are completed.

DANIEL McBURNIE & REBECCA ASHA in the lip-balm kissing scene from the previous project 'Forrest's New Beginning'

It will give Rehearsal Room actors the opportunity to prepare scenes and performance choices and shoot them in a similar way to a fully fledged production. Unlike, 'Forrest's New Beginning' of over 2 years ago (where each scene was one continuous shot) this will be a dual camera shoot and scenes will be edited with a traditional visual structure.

Two writer's, Ashley Harris and Jane Miller, have agreed to participate. Jane is an award winning writer of short plays and Ashley is completing an MA in script writing at the Victorian College of the Arts. At this stage there is a general consensus about the shape of the story and the next step is to work out the detail. These story elements are currently being researched. Locations are being found and we are beginning to approach cast.

This is a FREE workshop and there are NO costs involved to participants. Everyone is donating their services. It is a chance to build skills and gather experience.

The Rehearsal Room is looking for one or two people interested in filling a production manager/1st assistant role on this production. It will be shot sporadically in spare time on weekends and perhaps over the Christmas break. There is quite a bit of work involved in organising such a shoot so the more people who are prepared to help the better. ARE YOU INTERESTED? Someone interested in building their skill as a Director's Assistant/continuity person would also be of great use.

Stay tuned for further updates.


Growing Interest

Attendances at Rehearsal Room classes continue to grow as more and more actors spread the word about the positive changes that have occurred in their acting process once they have done these classes.

VIVIENNE GORMAN is an actor who has been building her skills through The Rehearsal Room Audition Workshop. Her improvement and consistency are now clearly recognised and she recently was given a small role in a show to be aired on Channel 7 in November. Just wanted to let you know that the filming went well on Monday. It was great to do the shoot and feel confident at the same time, something I doubt that I would have managed prior to your classes.

Chicago trained actor JENNIFER SHEAHEN also has found Rehearsal Room process of great value. I haven't been doing much acting lately and I was called in for an audition at Mullinar's today. I went in and had to cry on camera. I did it without a problem - over and over again. Simply using what I learned at the Rehearsal Room.

TV PRESENTERS WORKSHOPS have also been growing in numbers simply based on the word of mouth about the value of these classes. The final exercise in this six week course is to make a show. Presenters record an interview and also do introductions to their story in locations such as Chapel Street. The quality of these programmes is improving every time we do one.

Richard Sarell , Adelene Tan, Aaron McCarthy, Christina Moloney, Candy Hertz(b/g), Tessa Biddles organising the final exercise shoot in Chapel Street. Richard and Adelene sort out a position for Adelene's next presenting piece to camera.

The next TV Presenters Workshop is on a Saturday afternoon commencing on 26th September. A new term of evening classes commences from 5th October. For details of classes click here.


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