A Successful Play Reading

By Richard Sarell | News

Nov 04

Our first Friday Play Reading produced a very successful exploration of an engaging  Australian play.

The standard of the read increased and increased as we progressed and by the time we got to the final act it was really flying. With actors who had trained at NIDA, the VCA and some Rehearsal Room veterans present the performance standard was high. The outcome was a very entertaining evening with a lot of laughs.

The reading started at 6.30pm and by the time we had finished many of us were quite hungry. Bringing something to nibble on is a good plan for the next Friday evening event.

The next opportunity will be on Friday 16 November and is a "Monologue Night".

Bring a new monologue you would like to try out or one you have done before but want to test a different approach to. It’s an informal evening of creative play amongst friends.

If there is time, actors may be able to run a second version of their monologue to try something different. Keep your monologues to a maximum of 5 minutes.

You don't have to perform to attend. Come along and socialise. Bring a friend -
everyone is welcome.

$5 for the night – drinks are $5 – chips provided – bring your own nibbles.
164 Kings Way, South Melbourne (front entrance) or 24 Tope Street (back entrance).

If you would like some more information about attending or if you are a writer that would like us to read your script contact Richard@rehearsalroom.com

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