Drop In – Wednesdays

By Richard Sarell | Acting Classes & Workshops

Apr 19

'Drop In' Wednesdays





Variable Fee:

On hold till new venue is commissioned

(10 weeks)

10.00am to 2:00pm

Richard Sarell

$25 per hour to participate in the class (for as long as you stay)

$20 for the whole session to just watch (audit) the session.

The ultimate ‘Drop-in Workshop”.
You can DROP-IN and do a scene or just DROP-IN and watch.

To work on your scene with another actor you pay $25 an hour. Just pay on the day.

Or to watch just pay $20 for as long as you like..

Email your plans to attend to richard@rehearsalroom.com

Glenn Quinn Mama Mia, Spamelot, Jersey Boys [lead]

I was able to quickly overcome my long held misconceptions about what acting is and was ushered into a place of freedom, spontaneity and freedom with the scene.

What will be covered in this course?

1) Supportive direction aimed at achieving your goals

If you are working on a scene the direction will be tailored to your personal needs. You don’t need to have trained here – Richard will adapt the acting process to support you..

2) Get a taste of this refreshingly practical approach

This is a great way to try out The Rehearsal Room acting process. You can discover whether this approach makes sense for you. Ask questions and try the techniques one step at a time.

3) Practice your established skills and develop new ones

If you are already familiar with these techniques then this is a simple way to expand them further. There is so much information available here that the learning is never ending. Actors just keep growing and growing.

4) Keep exercising your acting muscle

Many actors have noticed that if the training isn’t regular the skills do drop off. This is the perfect way to keep your skills strong and active.

5) Enjoy a relaxed social environment

Enjoy the convivial atmosphere of these classes while you continue to explore the wondrous world of acting. You can make these sessions as challenging or relaxing as you like.

6) Just keep on learning

Actors who keep returning to The Rehearsal Room just see there skills get better and better.


  • You have the foundations of The Rehearsal Room process in place and want to continue to build your skills
  • Or it is for you if you want to gain a basic understanding of this technique
  • You have an acting problem you want to fix
  • You are looking for a stimulating way of freshening up your weekly routine
  • Share your interest in actors with others of like mind


  • You will miss out on the fun
  • You could miss finding an acting buddy or a new friend
  • You may never know the way this approach could change your view of acting
  • You will miss sharing stimulating views on a topic you love
  • You will never find out how much your skill could grow


Richard finds every workshop provides the opportunity not only for actors to grow more but also for the collective understanding of technique to grow more. The exciting element of these classes is that they train actors to think in a productive way about the practicalities of acting. The discussions are stimulating, purposeful and highly productive. Richard is always on the look out for the new view that he will learn from the next class. Some thought you philosophize about today might well be an exciting basis for tomorrow’s class.

Richard often says, “I get out of bed each day excited by the prospect of an unexpected new discovery.”

Next Drop In Starts - TBC

Learn skills you will use throughout your career. Learn to be real, to be versatile, to be a great listener and to be skilled in auditions. The Advanced Workshop will make you the director’s best friend.


About the Author

Over his twenty-five year directing career Richard found that many actors he auditioned didn’t actually listen. They acted listening to pre-planned choices they had intelligently worked out as a result of their preparation. That pathway plainly didn’t work – it was fake. Even actors who had emerged from the major teaching institutions often couldn’t listen for real.