Sunday Skill Builder – Improvisation

By Richard Sarell | Acting Classes & Workshops

May 27

IMPROVISATION - Maker or Breaker





Full Fee:

Sunday 27 May

(5 hours)

10am to 4pm

Richard Sarell


In a 5 hour standalone session explore the value of IMPROVISATION for the screen actor.  Find out about the risks and benefits. As usual there will be a stack of practical tips and practical exercises for everyone.  After our success with "The Memory of Water" where every performance was different there'll be tips that are immensely helpful on stage, too.

Glenn QuinnJersey Boys (Lead), Spamalot, Mama Mia, 

"At The Rehearsal Room ... I was able to quickly overcome my long held misconceptions about what acting is and was ushered into a place of freedom, spontaneity and connection with the scene." 

What will be covered in this course?

1) The advantages and disadvantages of using IMPROVISATION in a scripted scene

As with all elements of acting the real issues are how to find a balance for all the ingredients.  Improvisation is no different.

2) How to use IMPROVISATION when preparing a scene

Improvisation is not only a useful performance technique it is also a great preparation technique.

3) Using IMPROVISATION to play into or out of a scene

Understanding the value of improvisation is important to guiding you in your choices of how to use it.

4) How to improvise with scripted dialogue

Being comfortable with dialogue is the key to being free and believable - but when is it too much and when is it too little

5) Gain an understanding of how to put yourself in charge of your performance

Understanding how to be loose with your performance is the path to overcoming fear - stop judging and be free

6) Discover new impulses to bring your performance alive

If you are new to The Rehearsal Room this is a great opportunity to find out about these highly productive techniques and test out how they work for you.


  • You like exploring fresh new approaches
  • You respond  to a challenge that gives you a great chance to grow
  • You feel there is much about acting you don't clearly understand
  • You have heard how good The Rehearsal Room classes are and want to find out more
  • Your understanding of acting is based on the rules of acting rather than how to break them


  • You have much less chance of standing out from the crowd
  • TOTALLY realistic performances could well elude you
  • You will be inhibited by things you don't clearly understand but believe to be finite rules
  • You wont give yourself permission to play
  • You won’t know how to put yourself in charge of your impulses
  • You won’t be in charge of your performance.
Glenn, Richard & Kyah at the first $10 Sunday


Richard first discovered the core values of this technique when he was directing drama at the ABC in Melbourne in 1984. In an actor/director workshop run by the marvelous teacher Murray Hutchinson a simple, clear and common sense approach to Constantine Stanislavski’s theories was explained. Richard was captivated by the wonderful practicality of this approach and immediately started exploring it. He also began using it as the foundation of his directing techniques.


Kyahl Anderson has been studying The Rehearsal Room acting process for 5 years. He is totally on top of the theory and is so practiced at using it as an actor that he had 10 call backs for 10 consecutive auditions in 2017.

​Besides working effectively as an actor he is being regularly hired as a director because he is consistently delivering performances and productions that work.  Kyahl has a recent short film that has been accepted into film festivals all over the world.  And he has been teaching all levels of classes at The Rehearsal Room for 12 months and has received outstanding commendations from the actors he has instructed.​

One half day (10am - 4pm) - Sunday 27 May 2018

Learn skills you will use throughout your career. . 

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