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Oct 04

THREE Audition Workshops

By Richard Sarell | Acting Classes & Workshops

THREE Audition Workshops





                         Full Fee:

Saturday 4 Nov, 11 Nov & 25 Nov

(3 weeks)

9.00am to 1.00pm

Alison Telford, Lou Mitchell, Thea McLeod & Richard Sarell


Other price options available - see below

A great opportunity to train with three of Melbourne's top casting director's:

ALISON TELFORD (Ex ABC now - Alison Telford Casting) - 25 November
LOU MITCHELL (Maura Fay Casting) - 4 November 
THEA McLEOD (Neighbours & McLeod Casting) - 11 November.

Get the best advice in town and also be assessed by television director RICHARD SARELL.

1) Enrol to see all THREE Casting Directors $350 - Enrol NOW
 To book a discounted one-on-one coaching session email    

2) Enrol to see any TWO Casting Directors ($270) - to enrol ... 
... email the dates you would like to attend to or call 0407 226 620

3) Enrol to see only ONE Casting Director ($150) ...

... email the date you would like to attend to or call 0407 226 620

The Rehearsal Room's Audition Space

One-on-one Coaching Offers

1) See THREE Casting Directors with 3 discounted coaching session $499 total.

2) See THREE Casting Directors with 2 discounted coaching sessions $469 total.

3) See TWO Casting Directors with 2 discounted coaching sessions $390.

4) See TWO Casting Directors with 1 discounted coaching session $340.

Coaching Sessions are with Richard Sarell and are 1 hour in duration.  Ring 0407 226 620 or email to book.

What will be covered in this course?

1) Build a personal relationship with a Casting Director

It is as important for a Casting Director to meet and understand you as a person as it is for them to know about your acting skill.

2) Explore three different points of view from three different Casting Directors

Casting Directors have many things in common but they also have their distinctive differences.  Working with them is the best way to find out how they see the job.

3) Get great tips on general casting issues

During the briefing sessions at the beginning and end of each workshop you will get practical hands-on advice from the casting directors.

4) The opportunity to ask questions

You will be able to ask questions in the two briefing sessions about the personal areas of confusion or concern you have.

5) Get specific analysis of your audition technique

In your one-on-one time with television director Richard Sarell you will get direct honest feedback about your audition technique and your acting technique.  Sometimes your acting techniques are great but your audition technique doesn't display your strengths.  Richard will assist you with clear and practical advice.

6) Make progress at being less nervous in auditions

Nerves can have a big impact on the outcome of an audition.  Making an audition an ordinary experience rather than an exceptional one is a skill that needs to be acquired and practiced.

Shane Porteous A Country Practice [Lead actor]

For an actor a scene must do more than further the plot - it must explore the relationship between the characters. Richard has a gift for making this process clear and simple. His direction gives me confidence to trust my own intuition, thus allowing the character room to breathe...


  • You find Casting Directors intimidating
  • You are never sure exactly what a casting director is looking for
  • You have made great plans for your audition but never deliver them
  • Don't know how to conduct yourself in an audition
  • Don't know which questions to ask the casting director
  • You feel an audition is a competition that you must win


  • you will always feel uncomfortable when auditioning
  • you wont have a professional understanding of the audition process
  • will remain confused about issues that should be clear to you
  • you will reduce your chances of doing a good audition
  • be rigid in your choices rather than relaxed, flexible and professional


Over his twenty-five year directing career Richard found that many actors he auditioned didn’t actually listen in auditions.  And he realised that it took many years of experience for actors to come to terms with and understand the audition process.

Having a practical understanding of what the actor's job is when auditioning is a massive help in enabling an actor to audition well.  These workshops aim to quickly build an actor's understanding of the audition process - which usually takes actors years of professional experience to acquire. There are many myths about auditions and many confusions about what Casting Directors and directors are looking for.

Richard was one of the first acting teachers to begin running workshops that allowed actors to interact with Casting Directors.  The aim was to give actors experience of the audition room so that they can approach an audition in a relaxed, focused and professional way.

These are the only workshops where actors also receive analysis and feedback from a director as well as a casting director.  This combined input from two different entertainment professionals makes these workshops unique and incredibly valuable.

THIS COURSE - Saturdays 4 Nov, 11 Nov & 25 Nov 2017

Learn skills you will use throughout your career.