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Oct 08

Acting – Introductory Workshop Class

By Richard Sarell | Acting Classes & Workshops

Introductory Workshop





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Thursdays 31 Jan – 4 April

10 weeks

7.00pm to 9.30pm

Richard Sarell
Kyahl Anderson



Learn the key foundation skills for a professional acting career in this Melbourne acting class. It is a modern approach that has all the best elements of traditional processes plus many gems of its own. It’s an acting process for our times.

Ann Truong Hard Target 2, Hunters, Schapelle, Neighbours

"Something clicks in every class. It’s an amazing feeling - knowing that you are going to learn something profound but you are yet to have any idea of what that is until it happens. I return each week excited knowing that I am about to experience this." 

What will be covered in this course?

1) Learn how to build a character effectively

Throughout the history of acting tools that create a character are complicated and vague. These new techniques will enable you to create a believable character quickly. Managing character choices efficiently is the key to being an effective TV actor. You can learn to do it in seconds.

2) Learn to play brilliant surprises

Surprises are the key to a standout performance. All the great actors play beautiful moments of surprise. You can do it too. These techniques are not taught anywhere else.

3) Be able to engage an audience with your performance

Casting Directors and Directors know that actors who deliver engaging performances are hard to find. If you can totally engage an audience with your performance, the professionals who want to hire you will instantly recognize your skills.

4) Gain a modern understanding of Stanislavski techniques

This is a no bullshit approach to traditional theories. It cuts through the complexities of other acting processes and explains them in a simple common sense language. You will be empowered by your new understanding of Stanislavski process. This is an acting process that makes sense.

5) Build a foundation for great auditioning techniques

Auditioning is a confronting experience for actors. The audition room can be an uncomfortable place. Learn the fundamental skills that will make auditioning relaxing and fun. That’s what it should be … FUN!!

6) Acquire practical and professional acting skills

The confusions and vagueness of other approaches are replaced with simple and powerful tools that you can manage with ease. This set of tools you can use with confidence because they deliver. It will change your view of acting forever.


  • You are looking for a place to start building professional acting techniques
  • You have trained at a reputable school or university and are still confused
  • When the teaching you have experienced kind of makes sense but isn’t clear about what you have to do
  • You feel acting and life can be simpler
  • You sense your acting teacher is just directing you how to do a scene not teaching you how to act


  • You will make slow progress trying to find a system that works for you
  • Active realistic listening will probably elude you
  • Flexibility to take direction will be difficult
  • Basic acting skills, like how to end scenes, will be confusing
  • You won’t know how to put yourself in charge of your career
  • You won’t have an acting process that grows with you and for you


Richard first discovered the core values of this technique when he was directing drama at the ABC in Melbourne in 1984. In an actor/director workshop run by the marvelous teacher Murray Hutchinson a simple, clear and common sense approach to Constantine Stanislavski’s theories was explained. Richard was captivated by the wonderful practicality of this approach and immediately started exploring it. He also began using it as the foundation of his directing techniques.

After watching Richard direct an actor on the ABC series “Embassy”, experienced British actor Brian Marshall commented, “That was pure Stanislavski!!” Other actors began to notice the difference and soon some began asking Richard to teach them the techniques he was using. Those requests generated what has now become The Rehearsal Room acting school in Melbourne. Over thirty-two years those common sense concepts have continued to develop and evolve.

This is a practical, professional approach focused on delivering the performance outcomes that directors and casting directors are looking for. Unlike any other acting process before it the main focus of this approach is on engaging and entertaining an audience. Actors who can do that are a sought after commodity. Richard loves teaching it. You will love learning it.

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THIS COURSE STARTS - Thurs  31 Jan 2019

Learn skills you will use throughout your career. Learn to be real, to be versatile, to be a great listener and to be skilled in auditions. This workshop lays all the foundations for a professional acting career.