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Apr 30

Acting – Delivering the Story

By Richard Sarell | Acting Classes & Workshops

Delivering the Story





Full Fee:


Sunday 30 April – 21 May

(4 weeks)

2.00pm to 6.00pm

Richard Sarell



Explore your character's journey through the screenplay/play.  Understand how story actually works and discover how the point of the story will affect your choices and the story structure.

Ann Truong Hard Target 2, Hunters, Schapelle, Neighbours

"Something clicks in every class. It’s an amazing feeling - knowing that you are going to learn something profound but you are yet to have any idea of what that is until it happens. I return each week excited knowing that I am about to experience this."  March 2013

What will be covered in this course?

1) Learn how to control the source of a story's power

Story is the area that is talked about the most and understood the least.  It is the core of all communication and understanding it is the key to real performance success.

2) Understand how 3-act structure works

3-act structure is very simple but it mostly explained in a VERY complicated way.  You will understand the mechanics of 3-act structure and how you can use it to your advantage.

3) Be confident your choice in a scene will support the development of the story

If you are the lead character this is very important.  But if you are a guest who has only one scene you can still make choices that are important to the delivery of the overall story.

4) Have a grounded confidence in your discussions with the director

These simple principles enable you to have a clear, professional and purposeful conversation with any director.  They will put you in charge of your choices.

5) Know that your approach to your job is equal to anyone

Being clear about the reasons behind your choices empowers you to function professionally on any set and in any company.  There is a lot of vagueness in creative conversation - you will be specific, purposeful and totally logical.  That doesn't mean you can't move to a different point of view.  But it does mean  you are in control of your offers.

6) Share the excitement of being a story-teller

Storytelling is the most important ingredient of any aspect of a performer's skill.  Understand storytelling and you understand your job.  This workshop will excite your creativity. 


  • You realize there is more to acting than just saying the lines in a believable way
  • You sense there is more importance to a scene than just the content of what happens
  • Even though you have seen a show that has much to offer at the end you wonder why you needed to see it at all
  • You are looking for a real understanding of how and why performance works
  • You have worked with directors who you know are inventing reasons for your motivations but you aren't armed with the logic to sort out their ramblings


  • You will make slow progress trying to find a system that works for you
  • The exciting power of these concepts could elude you entirely
  • Confidence in dealing with directors may not be part of your professional process
  • A clearly logical approach to the power of story might be lost because you can't clearly explain your strongly intuitive understandings
  • You won't have the power that these exciting techniques deliver to create your own stories and projects
  • You will miss out on a LOT of fun


Richard first discovered the core values of this technique when he was directing drama at the ABC in Melbourne.  Those core values brought a clear and purposeful purpose to his approach to directing but it was a while before their value in developing clarity in storytelling emerged.  

This was part of the whole trial and error development of The Rehearsal Room acting process.   The ongoing assessment of the results of this process have lead to the enormously practical nature of these techniques.

They are built on a director's point of view of what can actually be seen to work.  TV directors need to make decisions that immediately produce results - that is the nature of the job.  These techniques Richard found to be both exciting and inspirational. They make sense of things that are talked about as general principles by the great acting teachers (such as Constantine Stanislvaski and Uta Hagen) but are not clearly explained.  

What excites Richard is that clear explanations are not only possible but can be demonstrated.  

This is a practical, professional approach focused on delivering the performance outcomes that directors and casting directors are looking for. Unlike any other acting process before it the main focus of this approach is on engaging and entertaining an audience. Actors who can do that are a sought after commodity. Richard loves teaching it. You will love learning it.

THIS COURSE STARTS - Sunday 30th April 2017

Explore your character's journey through the screenplay/play.  Understand how story actually works and discover how the point of the story will affect your choices and the story structure.  

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